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» Get paid what you're really worth!
M&B's goal is to introduce a new system of job hunting. Let the public know about your personal services business and get paid right away! Give yourself a chance to shine above the rest!

If you have a personal service that you would like sell to the public, register now and start selling your personal services business today!
» Share background skills with your online personal services business profile.
As a registered member, you get to have your own online personal services business profile including photo gallery which helps even more in selling your services to the public. See sample below...
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» Overview
Maid and Beyond" has a unique brand of professional and personal services business. The company's ultimate goal is to provide fast and high quality personal assistance to any individual who has too much tasks and not enough time in their hands.

Our community provides personal services business job search, job listing and employment services to our growing unemployment climate.

Covering a wide variety of domestic and professional personal services business such as pet sitting, messenger/courier services, personal shopper, fitness trainer, housekeeping helper, graphic designer, accounting, personal consultation, and many more, Maid & Beyond commits to customers' 100% guaranteed satisfaction by introducing the most well-qualified and highly skilled Service Associates to provide the highest quality of personal services business.

Our national trend in service demand has been evolving and continuing to become more and more challenging and complex. Though we have an abundant supply of highly qualified and multi-talented individuals who are ready and eager to provide their personal services business, our current unemployment rating has yet to see the light of day.

By providing a robust system on personal services business job search and job listing, Maid & Beyond helps someone in the unemployment community to find a job.

"Maid & Beyond" also provides local job search and job listing for part time jobs, work at home jobs or temporary employment opportunity as well as job search and job listing for employment in the freelance industry.

Maid & Beyond’s ultimate goal is not to solve the unemployment problem but to be socially responsible in assisting the employment services in our diverse communities.

Through local job search and job listing, Maid & Beyond’s employment services help consumers find a perfect candidate for the job. The ability to view a comprehensive and extensive professional background of each Service Associate is one of the main features of Maid & Beyond.

By adding extra boost to our nation’s employment services, Maid & Beyond’s personal services business job search and job listing features will help decrease the unemployment trend that is now spreading down to our next generation of workforce.

"Maid & Beyond" promises to help keep and maintain our nation's upward progression and continued success by developing a system that provides immediate quality assistance to all individuals who have the daily tasks of crucial responsibilities.

Please help us introduce a new and revolutionized system for the job market's "supply and demand." We believe that a new generation of workforce and consumers is at hand.

» Benefits

» Sell Your Products & Services Online!
Your membership will give you the privilege to introduce your products and services to the public. Create your "fixed-value service packages," price them, and then sell them. It's that simple :)

» Create, Edit and Manage Your Service Offers!
Get full control of your service packages. With the help of our Administration Control Panel, you can add, edit, and delete your service packages anytime you want. Manage them your way!

» Get Your Services Listed on Our Service Listing!
All posted services and other offers are automatically listed on our Service Listing and Directory. Let the customers find the service that matches what they are looking for.

» Get Paid in Full With NO Fees!
Receive payment online (optional with a PayPal® account)! Get paid for your services in advance with no hidden fees from Maid & Beyond!

» Upload Photos to Your Photo Gallery
Upload photos and images to better market and sell your products and/or services to the consumers.

» Get Your Own Personal Online Profile!
Consumers/Buyers are more likely to purchase your offers with an elaborate presentation of your skills and professional background. Maid & Beyond offers you the ability to create and manage your own personal online profile.

» Place your Logo, Banner Ads, and Sponsored Links!
Your website can fully customized including with your company logo. Place your sponsors' banner ads and links. Embed audio widgets and other apps. Edit and manage them anytime!

» Get Testimonials and Comments from your Viewers!
Allow your registered viewers to post comments about your product(s) and service(s). Generate positive testimonials from your satisfied customers. Also, allow them to refer your website to their friends with the built-in referral form.


» What is Maid & Beyond?
Maid & Beyond is an online community that provides personal services, service search and service listing. M&B assists on matching independent contractors (Service Associates) with consumers (Customers) who are looking for the best possible value for their money. Database driven listings of service packages helps customers decide which offers best suit their immediate personal service needs based on competitiveness in package value, number of work hours, per-hour cost, and the description of service.

One of the best features of Maid & Beyond’s personal services search and service listing is the ability for a customer to view the best candidate's profile for the job. An online profile page is provided for each registered Service Associate to disclose (at their own discretion) all pertinent information regarding their professional history, training background, and other proof of qualification. This will help customers decide who to hire for the job. Customers also have the ability to post comments and reviews on the Associate's previous job performance.

Furthermore, Maid & Beyond provides Service Associates an optional "Pay Now" feature. With a built-in PayPal® technology, customer has the option to make a down payment or pay in full prior to receiving the service. Service Associate is required to have a PayPal® account to use this feature.

» What is the difference between a Customer and a Service Associate?
A "Customer" is a registered user on Maid & Beyond online community, whose main role is to view and purchase current service packages as well as post comments and reviews. A "Service Associate" is a registered member of Maid & Beyond, whose main role is to post personal services (i.e. pet sitting, errand runner, tax preparer, etc.) and product offers (i.e. electronics, collectibles, jewelry, etc.) with competitive prices.
» How much is the cost to register as a Customer or as a Service Associate?
There are no purchase requirements for registered Customers. For Service Associates, a $25 yearly subscription is required. However, a FREE 3-Month Trial is available with no purchase required.
» What do I get as a registered Customer?
As a registered "Customer" you get the privilege to access our database driven listings of offered personal services packages (available only to registered Customers), view Service Associates' online profiles, and receive special offers and "freebies."
» What do I get as a registered Service Associate?
As a registered "Service Associate" you get the privilege to introduce your products and/or personal services business to the public, create your fixed-value service packages with description and price value, post them, and receive direct online payment with a PayPal® account. You also receive a fully customizable online profile page equipped with photo gallery feature to better present yourself, your company, your products and your services.
» How is my content and other information going to be displayed and managed?
Maid & Beyond's main role is to present and display ONLY the data and content that the registered user allows to. It is within the registered user's discretion and control on how much information will be disclosed to the public using our Members Control Panel. We fully acknowledge your privacy and will forever honor your trust. Therefore, all personal information such as email address and phone numbers will not be sold to third party affiliates and partners.
» How do I get paid for my products and personal services as a Service Associate?
As a registered "Service Associate" you have the privilege to select an option to receive direct online payment through built-in PayPal® technology. All you need is a PayPal® account. When your service item is purchased, you will get an email notification from PayPal®.

Important PayPal® Note: Make sure to set your payment form to require for customer's phone number. This will enable you to contact the customer for a follow up AND/OR arrange service appointment.

You also have the ability to allow your customers to make a "25% down payment", "50% down payment", or simply to "Pay in Full." Otherwise, by choosing to "hide" payment buttons, a "Contact Service Associate for Payment" message will be displayed automatically. You then arrange a payment agreement with your customer however way you want and whatever method you wish to use.

If you have any other questions and/or concerns, please contact us at
support@maidandbeyond.com or drop us a message using the form below. Thank you.
» Customer Benefits

» Choose the perfect candidate for the job -
As a customer, you are given the chance to select the perfect candidate for the the job position you want to fill. When there are more Personal Assistant Service Associates competing on same field service, customers are given more option to choose based on their own criteria and specific requirements.
» Save time and money -
As a customer, you are more likely to save time and money by choosing the right price offer that meets your budget.
» Post Jobs and Services and Get immediate assistance -
As a customer, you get to post jobs and services. You also get to select Service Associates (Personal Assistant) who are eager to do business and provide services immediately on short notice!
Get your FREE Customer account today!

» Unemployment Trend

» Everyday more and more individuals in the workforce are losing jobs. Maid & Beyond believes that these individuals deserve the option to look for other alternatives to maintain their financial security and their way of living. Don't wait, click here to start selling your personal assistant services today!

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Start your freelance personal assistant business. Get paid for what you deserve.

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In this fast pace economy, we could use high energy to get things done on time.
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A gaining cottage-industry, virtual assistance is growing by the minute.

Domestic Helper
Domestic skills and virtues will always be a necessity in our culture.
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Maid & Beyond offers our registered Customers the benefit of finding the best service provider for the job. Become a registered Customer and will show you how you can benefit from our program. Fill out form below to begin subscribing for more info.
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Fortune/Palm Reading -
» Palm Reading & Basic Numerology - Want to know your future? - 1 hrs, $100
Private Instructions (Children) -
» Folk Dance Instruction for Children (8 to 13 yrs old) - 8 hrs, $450
Vocal Lessons (Children) -
» Private Singing Lesson - classical vocal technique for children (8 to13yr) - 4 hrs, $300
Workshops & Seminars -
» 2-Day Extensive Theatre Workshops, Lectures, Master Classes, and Keynotes
Self-Defense Instructor -
» Rock 'n' Body: 6 Week Fitness Workout Program
» Benefit: Earn extra ca$h with our Affiliate Program!
M&B offers our Service Associates the opportunity to earn extra income from our affiliate program. Promote and sell memberships now and make profits! Click here for more information!
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Take a quick look at some of the most common ways to sell your hours of services. Maximize your income! Make money doing what you love. continue
» Benefit: Sell more than one personal assistant service at a time. If you have 'em, sell 'em.
If you are a multi-skilled individual, M&B allows you to sell as much services as you can provide.
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